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7 reasons to start your automated Qlik reporting

TIme to redefine Qlik Reporting

Do you often find yourself spending hours creating reports from QlikView and/or Qlik Sense? Do you have to repeat the whole thing, time and time again?

Consolidating all relevant insights, crunching numbers and creating reports can be a tedious process, even with an innovative BI platform. Nobody likes doing the same things over and over. How much better it would be if you could simply automate the generation and distribution of Qlik reports.

Find out, why Mail & Deploy can help you boost up your reporting out of Qlik:

1 Be more organized

Do your colleagues have to nudge you time and again to give them updated reports? Get organized with Mail & Deploy, which is designed to automatically generate and distribute reports from QlikView and/or QlikSense whenever you need them. With the powerful reporting suite, you will be able to do your reporting with ease, delivering updates to your internal and external decision-makers faster without adding more Qlik resources or hiring new analysts.

2 Deliver more reports in the same amount of time

Automate your reporting and free up time that you can then spend on focusing on the value-adding tasks of your job. Deliver the same results in a fraction of the time and reduce such a time-consuming and repetitive task. This will make you and your colleagues more productive, and more efficient.

3 Impress your decision-makers – make more engaging reports

Updating dashboards by campaign, region or brand may be done by a simple button click in QlikView and Qlik Sense. Customizing the relevant data in a report and adjusting the level of detail or scope of the report often requires additional efforts. Provide detailed, sophisticated reports with Qlik data quickly and every time with Mail & Deploy.

4 No more working overtime preparing that detailed report

Remember the day that you worked late to put together the report for the meeting the next day? Automating your report generation means reduced workload, and an increase in time and productivity, letting you focus on more important things like analyzing data and use that data to make informed business decisions.

5 Achieve a greater level of compliance

Updating reports can be a hassle. Being able to deliver a report quickly is important, but so is being able to ensure those insights are accurate and up-to-date. Automating your reports eliminates the manual errors that inevitably happen from time to time. With reduced errors, you reduce the headaches too and deliver a much greater level of compliance throughout the whole company.

6 Increase the frequency of analysis

In our fast-paced world, it seems there is never enough time to get everything done before the end of the day. The decision-makers in your company rely on the analyses you provide for their business decisions. But if the effort required is too high, some reports only get built once a month, or once a quarter. If you automate your report generation, you can run it every day, or every week, or whenever necessary. So you catch problems, respond, and optimize quickly.

7 Give your users insights that they have not been able to get before

By implementing an automated reporting solution like Mail & Deploy, data from QlikView and Qlik Sense can be shown in a way that allows decision-makers to get the exact metrics needed. You can apply a user-defined selection per report and recipient. You can even alert your report recipients automatically if key figures change and schedule the email generation of reports to be sent out on a periodic basis.

If a next-generation reporting solution for Qlik is what you are looking for, then get started today with Mail & Deploy.

Mail & Deploy redefines your reporting with Qlik. It helps you building reports for your company as needed – fast and flexible and fully customizable.

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