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Are you lacking a view of future executions in your automated reporting?


Execution Calendar

The execution calendar is a feature of Mail & Deploy that allows you to visualize previous and future executions.

The calendar does not only have a historical and recent view of executed tasks but also show you future jobs. This makes it easy to schedule new report tasks if one can find upcoming schedules in a single location.

With the filtering option, you also have the possibility to filter all your executions. You can select and deselect filters based on repositories (tasks, reports and users), on execution tasks (regular, request, subscription) or on states (future, successful, cancelled, failed) and display them in a month and day view.

So you can keep a complete overview of your executions and have a quick and easy way to manage your automated report distribution.

What is more, successfully executed tasks are immediately highlighted in colour in the executions calendar and you can directly view the respective log files.

Example: Mail & Deploy Execution Calendar

For more detailed information on the execution calendar in Mail & Deploy please contact us. We are happy to show you even more features of Mail & Deploy in a personal webinar.

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