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#Feature Friday – FTP-Support

Feature Friday: FTP Support

The FTP-Support is a basic feature of Mail & Deploy and answers the desire of Qlik® users to deliver reports to two separate destinations, like an FTP server and a folder destination.

It is #Feature Friday again!

Poor communication within your business environment can be very costly. This is especially true when it comes to data analytics because teams and departments often operate in siloes and are not sharing up-to-date information. It could lead executives to decisions that are made using false assumptions and unreliable data.

By promoting a new data-driven culture, rather than relegating it to a separate corner of the company, this lack of collaboration could be overcome. Using a single source of truth that all decision-makers work with and receive the same information from ensures transparency and better sharing of data and information across the organization. It gives executives data they can trust.

Mail & Deploy perfectly enhances the dynamic component of powerful data analytics in Qlik® by static and customizable reporting. The feature-rich reporting suite for Qlik® helps to implement transparency and collaboration throughout the whole company.

It provides you with multiple ways to share your key information throughout the company and its environment. For more detailed information we reference our Mail & Deploy Knowledge Base.

This week we are turning the spotlight onto the ability to distribute your reports to folders with the following feature:


Mail & Deploy supports the files-transfer via FTP because it has several benefits:

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of using FTP servers over other choices is the level of security that these managed options can provide. Another benefit of using an FTP server is the level of control that you can gain over your data. Furthermore, an FTP server enables you to send gigabytes of data all at once. It gives you a single location to store all of your files. And it ensures that your files are never lost, from your everyday data to your most important and sensitive files. 

With this file-sharing option reports can be sent directly to FTP destinations by Mail & Deploy.

The following attributes can be set:

Content Type

Report Document.
If you select this option, you can choose a report document to upload to FTP.

Zipped File Collection.
If you select this option you can choose a file collection which will be zipped and optionally assigned a password and uploaded to FTP.


The hostname or IP address of the FTP server.


The port of the FTP server.


  • True. 
    The SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is used for the upload.

  • False. 
    The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used for the upload.
    If you set this trigger, a notification e-mail is never sent.

Use Credentials

  • True. 
    The given credentials are used to authenticate against the FTP server. In this case, you need to specify a Username and Password.

  • False. 
    The FTP upload will be done using anonymous access to the FTP server.

Remote File Path

An Expression that evaluates to the remote path to upload the file to. The remote path needs to include the file name (without the file extension) and folders need to be separated using a forward slash (/). Mail & Deploy will automatically ensure that the required directory structure exists by creating directories if they do not exist. 

Example: If you have specified a hostname of “testftpserver”, not checked SFTP, a port of 21 and a remote path of “folder1/folder2/filename”, then the file will be uploaded to “ftp://testftpserver:21/folder1/folder2/filename”.

The FTP-Support is a basic feature of Mail & Deploy and answers the desire of Qlik® users to deliver reports to two separate destinations, like an FTP server and a folder destination.

If you want to find out more about our feature-rich Reporting Suite for Qlik®, check out our new Mail & Deploy Knowledge Base & Community.

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