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Mail & Deploy Version 2.1 vs 3.0: Time to move up?

Mail & Deploy Version Comparison

It is safe to say there has never been a better time than right now to upgrade from Mail & Deploy Version 2.1 to its leading-edge sibling, Mail & Deploy Version 3.0.

We are frequently asked about when and why to move to the newest release, so in this piece, we highlight some of the key considerations and benefits of moving up.

It is hassle-free

A surprisingly large amount of our customers are still not aware of this, but despite being the clearly more advanced product, moving to Mail & Deploy 3.0 is hassle-free.

If you are a Mail & Deploy customer today, you can exchange your licenses to the equivalent Mail & Deploy licenses (in special cases previous investments are taken into account and, if necessary, only the difference must be paid – please get in touch to receive further information).

This is obviously an amazing deal and shows our commitment to our customer base.

But what if you have complex reports that you love and want to keep?

We also give you the option to switch to Dual-Use Trial, giving your users access to both versions for a 3 months period for free. Many customers use this offer to make all the new development in Version 3.0, while still having the old version running. This is an inexpensive and convenient way to make the transition as seamless as possible.

And there is more: We also provide a migration tool that will help you import your old repositories automatically up to 100 %.

Report designing made easier

Mail & Deploy’s polished user interface makes it easy for even business users to create amazing looking reports and share their insights with decision-makers and co-workers.

Mail & Deploy uses a lot of drag-and-drop functionality, minimizing the requirements for coding to solve simple tasks. The new version also has a Datasource Brower that allows you to navigate through all your Qlik Sense® (SaaS) and QlikView® data sources. It displays the data source structure (fields, objects and sheets) and allows you to easily create reports out of the available data sources using drag-and-drop operations.

Easily embed single objects like charts, pivot tables and tabular view components or whole sheets into basically any available report format and share it via uniform sharing possibilities: email, file system, FTP, Sharepoint, Amazon AWS S3.

A new self-service experience

Reporting is becoming increasingly more popular and luckily Mail & Deploy 3.0 is made for it. Mail & Deploy have recently been added with a lot of intelligent self-service features.

Whether working remotely or in the Office, the Mail & Deploy Hub puts all the information out of Qlik® in convenient report formats that decision-makers need to do their job.

And with the Mail & Deploy self-service reporting extension decision-makers get easy access to Qlik Sense® data, can freely slice-and-dice data and extract quick insights and are able to make data-driven business and operational decisions regardless of their technical background.

Reporting should not be isolated and we really love how the new version brings reporting much closer to where the users are. So reporting becomes a much closer part of the daily decision-making processes.

Access to all the new exciting features

The final reason to go for Mail & Deploy 3.0 is clearly the access to all the new exciting features. The new version is constantly getting amazing new functionalities to keep it at the cutting-edge of business reporting suites, meaning it is where you need to be to make sure you have access to all the new benefits (e.g. Qlik Sense® SaaS connection, native export of Vizlib Pivot Tables etc.).

It has never been easier to upgrade

As mentioned in the beginning, it has never been easier to switch to Mail & Deploy Version 3.0 from version 2.1. It is a pretty good deal for a leading Qlik® reporting tool with many more functionalities and completely revised software architecture.

Both versions – old and new- use the same server, which is why converting from one to the other is usually not that complicated.

All in all, moving from version 2.1 to version 3.0 carries has never been easier. What you get in return is a leading, future-proof reporting platform for QlikView® and/or Qlik Sense® and Qlik Sense® SaaS that can do all the things you do today and so much more.

Interested in moving from Version 2.1 to Version 3.0?

Mail & Deploy version 3.0 combines efficient reporting, traceable processes and flexible possibilities for standard and individual reporting procedures. The result: increased efficiency, greater output, lower costs.

If you are interested in moving from your old Mail & Deploy version to Mail & Deploy version 3.0, and need assistance or just have some questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

With the new version of our automation reporting software for Qlik®, we are supporting Qlik® users on their individual road to the modern way of reporting.

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