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Release 3.1.1 is out now

Software Release
Mail & Deploy Version 3.1.1. out now

Mail & Deploy Version 3.1.1 has been released. Check out how we have made Mail & Deploy even better!

The latest release includes new features, support for new filesystems, and a handful of bug fixes:

  • Support for Vizlib Tables: Add Vizlib Tables to your Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML and other reports. Mail & Deploy will export Vizlib Tables keeping original styles and formatting.
  • Support for Vizlib Waterfall Visualizations: They can be added just like any other chart element and dragged and dropped into your templates.
  • Vizlib story timelines: They can now also be included in your reports.
  • Pivot Table styling: The new release now also recognizes custom styling properties set on Qlik Sense pivot tables and will properly set them in tables exported to reports.
  • Upload to Dropbox: Report documents or external files can now also be uploaded to a Dropbox account by using the new upload content to Dropbox action available in tasks.
  • Microsoft Excel reports with macros: They can now also have templates with macros in .xlsm format. When adding a template to an excel report you can now choose between a regular .xlsx file or a .xlsm file with macros.

These and many more new features can be found on the latest version of our powerful and flexible Qlik® Reporting solution. Take a look at the complete release notes.

Check out the features in this video:

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Download the latest version of Mail & Deploy now!

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