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Introducing Mail & Deploy Version 3.3.1: Unlocking Enhanced Qlik Reporting Capabilities

Support of Qlik Straight Table object, simplified cloning of workspaces and more in the new Mail & Deploy release 3.3.1

Software Release
Release 3.3.1

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest software update, Mail & Deploy Version 3.3.1!

This new release brings some new exciting features and enhancements that will empower businesses to elevate their reporting game with Qlik to new heights.

Let’s delve into the key highlights of this update and explore how it can revolutionize your data-driven reporting processes.

  1. Support of Straight Table:

Mail & Deploy Version 3.3.1 now supports the new Qlik Straight Table object!

This latest addition enhances your reporting capabilities by providing a powerful and flexible way to present tabular data. The Straight Table object allows you to organize and display data in a structured manner, making it easier to analyze and draw insights.

With customizable column headers, sorting options, and dynamic formatting, you have full control over how your data is presented. Whether you’re working with large datasets or need to present complex information in a concise format, the Straight Table object is your go-to solution and can now be added to your reports with Mail & Deploy.

  1. Simplified cloning of Workspaces:

We understand the importance of maintaining consistency across your reporting processes. That’s why we have focused on seamlessly cloning your workspaces in this release. Version 3.3.1 introduces the new cloning feature that makes duplicating and replicating workspaces easier.

Cloning workspaces allows you to quickly create identical copies of existing workspaces, including all the associated settings, configurations, data sources, reports, tasks, and value tables. This eliminates the need to manually recreate workspaces from scratch, saving you valuable time and effort.

Simplified cloning of workspaces

  1. New datasource: MySQL

MySQL can now be used as a data source in Mail & Deploy. This new feature allows users to seamlessly connect and integrate MySQL databases. This enhancement empowers users to leverage MySQL data within Mail & Deploy, streamlining the reporting and document distribution processes.

MySQL can now be used as data source in Mail & Deploy

Mail & Deploy Version 3.3.1 is another step in our commitment to delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly, and powerful Qlik reporting solution.

We encourage you to explore the new features and enhancements of Version 3.3.1 and discover how Mail & Deploy can transform your Qlik reporting processes.

Update to the latest version today and empower your business with data-driven insights like never before.

To learn more about Mail & Deploy Version 3.3.1 and its features, visit our online documentation!

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