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Mail & Deploy Release 3.5 is out: Unleashing New Features and Fixes!

We roll out Mail & Deploy version 3.5, packed with awesome new features, crucial fixes, and more reasons to love your Qlik reporting.

Software Release
Release 3.5

We are super excited to roll out Mail & Deploy version 3.5, packed with awesome new features, crucial fixes, and more reasons to love your Qlik reporting with Mail & Deploy.

Let’s dive right into what’s fresh and hot:

Breaking Changes: Keepin’ It Smooth

We have levelled up! Reports sent as HTML in emails are now seamlessly tracked in the Exchange Database. Yep, you heard it right—Workspace, Task, and Subject fields are all in sync and accounted for.

Heads up: To make this happen, we are wiping the slate clean in the EMailedReports table. Don’t sweat it; just make sure to back up your data before making the jump!

New Features: Power-Packed Awesomeness

  • Mail & Deploy Extensions for Qlik Sense: We are all about data access security. Whether you are on-prem or SaaS, Qlik Sense apps with Section Access now get the royal treatment they deserve. For detailed information, please refer to the Release Notes.

    Match Users by Email Address: Want to streamline user management? Now you can match value table users by their email addresses, making access control smoother than ever.
  • Media Box Magic: Spice up your Qlik Sense apps with the Media Box extension. Videos, images, you name it—now your dashboards are as dynamic as your data.
  • Layout Container Love: Say hello to the new Qlik Layout Container in your reports.
  • AnyChart All the Way: Sunburst, Waterfall (Classic and Advanced), Project, Resource, Timeline, Circular Gauge, Combo charts—you name it, we have got them all for Qlik Sense Extensions. Visualize your data like a boss!
  • Viz Exporter & Report Requester: Take control with optional selection and variable passing. Plus, now you can handle a list of variables like a champ. Customization? Check!
  • Oracle Datasource Validation: We have tightened things up with connection pool validation for Oracle data sources. No more data retrieval hiccups!

Bug Fixes: Squashing Gremlins

We have been on a bug-hunting spree:

  • Fixed workspace mix-ups—no more accidentally landing in the wrong task.
  • Straightened out parameter mix-ups in Hub task execution requests. We hear you loud and clear!
  • Smoothed out table exports with big numbers and transposed dimensions.
  • Nailed it with PowerPoint reports—no more tag-related table cell antics.
  • Gotcha covered with match filters and mixed data type formatting in Qlik Sense.

Known Issues: We are on It

Just a heads-up:

  • Timeout Tango: Vizlib Pivot Table as Chart might do the timeout dance with Qlik Sense November 2023 Patch 2 and above.
  • Restart Reminder: Setting up a custom callback URL for Azure AD User Directory? Remember to give Mail & Deploy a friendly nudge with a restart.

This release is all about enhancing your reporting experience with flair and functionality. It underscores our commitment to delivering a robust, reliable, and feature-rich reporting solution. Dive into Mail & Deploy 3.5 today and see how Qlik reporting should be done!

Got questions or want more details? Check out our documentation or hit up our stellar support team via our Mail & Deploy support portal —they’re here to make your reporting journey epic.

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing about your experience with Mail & Deploy 3.5!

Upgrade now and start exploring these exciting new capabilities!

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