About Mail & Deploy

A brief history of Mail & Deploy

Mail & Deploy is a product of Harrer & Partner Unternehmensberatung based in Austria.

As a longtime partner of Qlik in the DACH region we are aware of the Customer requirements regarding the creation and deployment of reports out of Qlik Apps.

The current Mail & Deploy is a result of an intense development process started 2009 under the name of QV Mailer. In 2015 we did a major relaunch – Mail & Deploy was "born".

Welcome to the future of reporting

Free your business from manual preparation and distribution of data. Mass sharing of information has never been easier with Mail & Deploy.

Save time and finances, because Mail & Deploy allows you to create visually appealing reports in various formats (MS Office, TrueChart or PDF) using Qlik’s data and analyses.

Its intuitive user interface allows you to create reports for an unlimited number of recipients. Information can find their addressees automatically without human intervention.

Rapidly develop and implement scalable reporting solutions.

Use data and images from Qlik tables, charts and objects, from multiple Qlik docs, to create a single report. Use Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF to design your reports with ease. Schedule reports or let your users generate fully-customizable banded reports with a “wow effect” on demand from a browser or the GUI.

Our intuitive interface will get you up and running quickly.

Creating the most intuitive and best supported information management solutions for you is our mission.

We know that our users face the continuous challenge of meeting ever more demanding needs in the face of a massive increase in available information and so we continue to add features and build stability into all of our products. 

With Mail & Deploy, Qlik can serve as a single solution for both interactive analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to retire legacy BI systems and encourage recipients to adopt interactive analytics to see the whole story in their data.

Collaborative Analytics from small business companies to the Enterprise

Mail & Deploy features multi-threaded and multi-core scalability and role-based security that supports the demands of large enterprises. Role-based security allows administrators to control and manage access to development and reporting features at a granular level.

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