New Features Version 2.1

The new version of Mail & Deploy 2.1 is now available and provides many cool new features.

NEW: Parallel Execution

With the Parallel Execution Mail & Deploy supports the execution of more than one task at the same time, what makes it a lot faster.

NEW: Increased Report Performance

The report creation engine has been completely rewritten, shows a significantly improved performance when creating Office and PDF reports.

NEW: On Demand Reports - New Hub

The new Mail & Deploy Hub is a web interface that enables users to view / request report documents. It offers an online report document library, (optional) report subscriptions and the possibility to view reports directly from the hub. Users will also be able to provide parameters when requesting the creation of report documents, enabling them to apply filters to the data that's included in the report.

NEW: Qlik Sense Storytelling Support

Mail & Deploy now supports the creation of reports including elements of Qlik Sense stories. You can insert individual slides of stories in any PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint or HTML report.

NEW: Enhanced Table Styles

The enhenced table style possibilities are now unbelievably flexible for any tables (including pivot tables). Decide for each individual style attribute whether it should be kept as in the QlikView Document / Qlik Sense App or set to a value that can even be dynamically calculated (e.g. taking into account the cell's value).

NEW: Execution Calendar

Administrators will love the new Execution Calendar that allows to view all previous and future executions in a calendar-view with extensive filtering capabilities and the option to directly look at log files and created report documents.


3rd party developers can now easily connect to Mail & Deploy, request reports, execute tasks etc. With just a few lines of code, your ERP / CRM developer can automate Mail & Deploy and display created report documents directly in the user interface of the ERP / CRM system.

NEW: Multiple Templates

Multiple templates - each report in Mail & Deploy has an unlimited number of available reports. Which report will be used for a specific report creation can be dynamically calculated (e.g. on the basis of the value of a QlikView / Qlik Sense field). This makes it much easier to create multi-language reports or reports that are similar, but not equal (e.g. a customer report that has a layout which is slightly different for private and corporate customers).

NEW: Creating tasks that do exactly what you want them to

Mail & Deploy gives you extensive flexibility when designing tasks: create cycles over QlikView / Qlik Sense fields, create report document in various file formats, secure your PDFs with passwords, create conditions, distribute your reports by e-mail individually or as a (optionally password-secured) ZIP file, dynamically name your report files and attachments, attach external files to e-mails or append them to PDF reports and much more.