Mail & Deploy is a Reporting Engine for Qlik - it enables you to create reports from QlikView and Qlik Sense applications and distribute them. Pick charts, tables, expressions, variables and fields from any data source and design reports within minutes.

Report Formats

With Mail & Deploy it is possible to create reports based on Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), HTML, CSV and Adobe PDF. The embedded designer allows you to create and adjust report elements conveniently by using drag & drop. Embedded QlikView reports which can be designed with the out-of-the-box report designer in QlikView Desktop Client can be used as well. You can even mix elements from various QlikView documents and Qlik Sense applications to create your report. It is also possible to insert HTML reports directly in an e-mail body.


With Mail & Deploy you have full control over the filtering state of your QlikView document and Qlik Sense application - your report will have exactly the data you need.

Automate Tasks

With Mail & Deploy all tasks related to QlikView documents and Qlik Sense applications can be processed automatically. From reloading and reducing QlikView documents and Qlik Sense applications to creating and distributing reports on a regular, automated basis, the integrated task scheduler of Mail & Deploy gives you all the flexibility you need.

On Demand Reporting

The integrated on-demand hub allows users to request reports and execute tasks through a web interface; just open your web browser, navigate to the hub and request a report in less than a minute. Mail & Deploy's security system gives you full control - on demand access can be set up on a user and report level.

Extension Compatability

Mail & Deploy works with probably all extensions for Qlik Sense; you can filter your apps and then use the graphical representation of your extensions in any report format you like.

Paralell Execution

Supports multiple execution engines which will speed up report creations and task executions

On Demand Hub Subscription

Users may subscribe to reports via the On Demand Hub Website so that they can decide when and how often to get reports.

Performance Improvements

Reports will be created a lot faster than in previous versions.

PDF And PDF/A Support

Report designers and users can now decide whether they want to create standard PDF files or PDF/A files.

Enhanced HTML Editor

The HTML template editor has been greatly enhanced and now offers tons of new features to make your HTML reports even look better

Multiple Templates by Report

Reports now support more than one underlying template so that similar, but slightly different reports (e.g. multiple languages) can be created much more efficiently.

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