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News   Streamlining Support: New Support Handling Procedure at Mail & Deploy

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Have fun watching and gain unparalleled insights into an optimized toolset, including Qlik Sense, Inphinity Suite and Mail & Deploy.

Orange Business is an IT services company focusing on solutions for businesses and organizations, with 29,000 employees in the Orange Group.

Anton Bulik, Team Manager: Performance & Business Intelligence at Orange Business has built a full-scale project management platform in Qlik with Inphinity ∞ used for data entry and management of the workflow, and Mail & Deploy – The Reporting Suite for Qlik for reporting.

Key use cases covered:

✔ Records about projects, goals, dates, milestones, actions, resources, timesheets, people, invoices, suppliers, and much more right in Qlik

✔ IT helpdesk/modification requests enabling change requests of application features in Qlik

✔ Automated reporting of ongoing or completed projects, with comments on the status and progress of each project in Qlik

✔ A workflow app in Qlik generating a slide deck to be presented to stakeholders regarding a project.

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