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Everything you need to redefine your Qlik® reporting

Design engaging
and creative reports

Easily extract, organize and
prepare your data for informative reports.

Extension compatibility

Works with probably all extensions for Qlik Sense®; you can filter your apps and then use the graphical representation of your extensions in any report format you like.

Multiple data sources

Mix-and-match elements from Qlik Sense® and QlikView® in a single report without any effort.

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Data Filtering

Full control over the filtering state of a QlikView® document and Qlik Sense® application.

Qlik Sense® Story Telling

Supports the creation of reports on the basis of Qlik Sense® stories. Include individual slides of stories in any PowerPoint®, Excel®, and Word®, HTML, and therefore also exported as an Adobe PDF report.

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Create the exact report you have in mind

Custom reporting to build reports unique to your business.

Drag & Drop Creation

The embedded designer allows to create and adjust report elements conveniently by using drag & drop.

Enhanced HTML editor

The HTML template editor has been greatly enhanced and now offers tons of new features to make your HTML reports even look better. It is also possible to insert HTML reports directly in an e-mail body.

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Variety of reporting components

Use a wide variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards.

in loops

Repeat a certain sub-set of actions for each value of a data source field and quickly change and customize viewpoints.

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Deliver reports in a simple and individualised way

Ensure information is sent to the right place and can be easily interpreted and used by the recipient.

Various Formatting Possibilities

Visualizations to quickly and easily create great-looking reports in popular Office formats like PowerPoint®, Excel®, and Word®, HTML, CSV and Adobe PDF.

Flexible task automatization

Reloading and reducing QlikView® documents and Qlik Sense® applications to create and distribute reports on a regular, automated basis.

Report Scheduling

Automated report scheduling allows you to proactively deliver information right to your users. You can set up a time frame to report during, choose the frequency (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly), and what time of the day to send it on.

Multiple Templates by Report

Reports now support more than one underlying template so that similar, but slightly different reports (e.g. multiple languages) can be created much more efficiently.

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Share insights and increase the report audience

Convert reports into file formats that the majority of employees are familiar with.

On-demand Reporting

The integrated on-demand hub allows users to request reports and execute tasks through a web interface; just open your web browser, navigate to the hub and request a report in less than a minute.

Self-service hub

Users explore, view, download, and subscribe to reports online via one secure and centralized portal. It is easier and more convenient for users – and less busywork for IT.

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Management Report Distribution

You can centrally schedule, generate, and deliver custom reports through a variety of channels, including email, save to disk, web, FTP or directly to the hub.

Parallel Report

Automatically process a large number of reports in
parallel, delivering them much faster.

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Easily optimize and plan reporting resources

Do not just get a granular control, but also a total visibility of your reporting automation.

Execution Calendar

It allows you to visualize previous and future executions. The calendar does not only have a historical and recent view of executed tasks but also show you future jobs.

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E-Mail Alerting System

You can choose to automatically send an email notification to users or groups, who can then take care of the error analysis.

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State-of-the-art data security

Ensure enterprise-grade security with comprehensive features.

Role-based Security

Full control – on-demand access can be set up on a user and report level.

Multi-Threaded Scalability

Engine is multi-threaded and and enables you to execute tasks simultaneously.

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