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Event   Mail & Deploy Joins iodata BI-Symposium 2024: Embracing Data-Driven Solutions and Qlik Innovations

Benediktinerstift Admont

Featured Customer  

Stift Admont preserves the world’s largest monastery library with Mail & Deploy

“Mail & Deploy is the missing link. The targeted presentation of individual analyzes in common report formats has improved the data competence across all user groups and thus increased the user acceptance of the Qlik BI solution. “

Hannes Brottrager
IT Manager, Benediktinerstift Admont

The IT of the Admont Abbey has been using QlikView for 12 years and Qlik Sense for two years for comprehensive data analysis in the approximately 20 businesses and institutions of the Benedictine Abbey, which is known beyond the country’s borders. In addition to classic sales and turnover data, temperature measurement data, data from human resources, time stamps, bank status, real estate objects and much more are also analyzed.

Ongoing monthly sales and visitor statistics for the museum’s operations are compared with the previous year. Through the analysis in the area of ā€‹ā€‹reservations, employee resource planning can be optimized as well as the flow of visitors. The measurement data of temperature sensors and air humidity in the library is also evaluated in combination with the visitor flow in order to be able to intervene better here and to avoid “overloading” of the valuable book inventory. The data is updated every half hour and made available to all responsible employees as a report on a 65-inch monitor using Mail & Deploy.

Other applications of Qlik in the Admont Abbey are analyzes in the real estate and property sector, where everything from property management to property post-calculation and control of master data is evaluated using the BI tool. Analyzes of personnel data, print orders for the 30 multifunction devices according to cost centre and originator as well as the evaluation of server utilization and user behaviour of various systems are also carried out in the BI solution, as are the paragraphs of the GDPR or the account balances of around 200 bank accounts, compared with the corresponding bookings.

The ongoing expansion of the solution and user group – Mail & Deploy as a “missing link”

Analyzed and evaluated in Qlik, the data and analysis results are sent as reports in common formats to those responsible automatically via Mail & Deploy or made available for download in the HUB.

The automatic creation and sending of reports are just as important for the info screens in the museum and helpdesk area as for alarm messages, e.g. in case of fire. In such a situation, a report about the available staff, which is updated in Qlik every two minutes, is sent to the company fire brigade and superiors. This way, those responsible know which employees are active and who has already clocked out. This information can save lives at a crucial moment.

Those are just a few examples of how Mail & Deploy is used in the Qlik BI environment of the Admont Abbey. All in all, due to the possibilities, to easily generate and timely distribute customized Qlik reports, Mail & Deploy has improved the data competence across all user groups and thus increased the user acceptance of the Qlik BI solution across all companies.

Hannes Brottrager, the IT Manager of the Admont Abbey, is convinced that there will always be new areas in the future that will also be included in the analyzes and reports.

The plan already includes topics such as the integration of tourism and cultural events, the integration of performance data from the monastery’s own hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems, the display of generation and acceptance data in district heating, and the integration of smart meter data.

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