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GSI automatically provides Qlik-based standard reports with Mail & Deploy

“Mail & Deploy meets all current and future requirements and is a time-saving solution for everyone.”

Michael Gemmer
GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research

Anyone who manages large projects must keep an eye on the effort and costs as well as the available budget. Whoever receives grants for research projects is faced with additional transparency towards their donors. So also the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt.

The GSI operates a large, unique accelerator system for ions. Scientists from all over the world use the facility for experiments to gain new knowledge about the structure of matter and the development of the universe. The GSI has access to a budget of 113 million euros for its research. Over 150 employees bear responsibility for the cost.

GSI already used the BI tool Qlik Sense for its standard reporting. In order to generate and distribute individual reports automatically, the research institute expanded the existing setup with Mail & Deploy. All reports are now available on a weekly basis as PDF and XLS files in the network drive. Authorization criteria give individual users access to the content relevant to them.

‘The contents of the report and the presentation of the figures are based on the right to grant funds and the resulting requirements. The data is presented in the reports in such a way that it can be processed directly for communication to the respective donor’ says Michael Gemmer, responsible project manager for reporting at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research.

Our Mail & Deploy Partner B.i.TEAM took care of the conception and implementation of the project. You can find out which technical requirements were implemented in their reference story.

Read how the use of Qlik Sense and Mail & Deploy lives up to this claim in the detailed reference story: GSI Use Case by B.i.TEAM (in German)

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