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Moser Holding

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Mail & Deploy allows Moser Holding to share detailed, interactive Qlik-reports on a daily basis

β€œMail & Deploy is our ALL-In-ONE Qlik Reporting Tool. Simple, fast and straightforward, it offers our decision-makers every morning all relevant business data out of Qlik at a glance.

DI Peter Erbeznik
Business IT Management, Moser Holding AG

The Moser Holding AG is one of the leading publishing houses in Austria. It is based in Innsbruck and its roots go back to the founding of the Tiroler Tageszeitung in 1945. The company has around 1400 employees at 112 locations throughout Austria.

The past years have brought significant changes to the media world. The dissemination of information is increasingly shifting from traditional print media to online and social media portals. For instance, the target group of the under 30-year-olds, in particular, consumes content from the web, while the 30-plus group tends to stick to printed media.

Managing and adopting these shifts in consumer needs, the Moser Holding AG offers a complete range of services in this changing media world. They are professionals for regional media, for newspapers and magazines as well as in the areas of digital, radio and moving images.

In connection with the highly competitive media industry, the traditional media house opted for the Qlik Analysis Platform. “With our SQL-based solution, our analytics were very limited. In order to make faster evaluations and to offer different perspectives on the data for all company areas we decided us for the BI tool Qlik”, explains DI Peter Erbeznik, Business IT Manager at Moser Holding AG.

“In this way, all decision-makers in controlling, advertising, sales, telephone marketing, etc. are kept up to date with ongoing business developments and the day-to-day business. And if necessary, various values ​​can be carefully examined by just clicking on them. This gives all employees a common sense of our business”, continues DI Erbeznik.

In order to provide the decision-makers with up-to-date business developments and data even better, Moser Holding AG was looking for a flexible reporting solution.

Things move fast in the media industry and reports typically take a long time to create and distribute. This led to reports being out of date by the time they were distributed. In turn, this reporting bottleneck prevented the Moser Holding AG from quickly reacting to changes in the market.

In addition, the new solution should replace the old Reporting-Software, which has not been further developed and be ready to use quickly and easily.

Following the recommendation of their Business Intelligence partner KS Quadrat GmbH, Moser Holding AG decided for Mail & Deploy.

There were several solution requirements. The reports needed to be digital and up-to-date and provide a good reading experience across devices. Additionally, the solution had to be easy to use and allow the Qlik-team to create reports on the fly.

During the trial period of 1 month, they were able to create simple reports with Mail & Deploy within 2 days. And after another 2 weeks, all standard reports were already implemented with Mail & Deploy and could be distributed on a regular basis.

In particular, Mail & Deploy stands out due to its ease-of-use and the flexibility for individual customization. This has convinced the Moser Holding AG of Mail & Deploy.

Also, the reporting suite comes with distinct functionalities – this goes from automatic reload before sending messages to the various setting options (merge pages, etc.) – that empower DI Erbeznik’s team to increase reporting velocity and accuracy across the company.

Mail & Deploy pulls the most important analyzes from the various QlikView-docs, generates engaging reports and distributes them via e-mail regularly and reliably to all decision-makers in the various locations and on the go.

“It was especially important to us that all report recipients receive associated analytics by e-mail in the morning and are thus provided with up-to-date figures in order to be able to respond to the fast-paced media industry”, adds the responsible manager.

Using Mail & Deploy, the Moser Holding AG is now able to take an agile approach to reporting. Around 50 different reports with relevant data about the ongoing business are created automatically at different times with Mail & Deploy. These reports are generated mainly as Excel and/or PDF file and are sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The feedback has been 100% positive – from the IT admin, over the employees to business management. Mail & Deploy has helped ensure that the various teams in the media house no longer have to request all the necessary information, but now have it available to them directly by mail.

Mail & Deploy is technically unique in terms of software development, easy to handle and offers everything Moser Holding AG needs to use the full reporting functionality in connection with the analyzes from QlikView.

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