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About us

Hello, we are Mail & Deploy and this is our story

Our Team

Meet the people behind Mail & Deploy

Our Story

Why Mail & Deploy?

We are working as Business Intelligence Consultants. So we are experiencing first hand the time, the money and the pain, that goes into putting together weekly and monthly reports. That is why we believe there has to be another way. So we came up with a better way of doing data-driven reporting.

Mail & Deploy is a fast-growing reporting extension for Qlik® with a fantastic team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic data experts. We have first-hand experience in the Business Intelligence sector. And we really understand the power of data and therefore the power of Qlik®.

We provide an automated reporting solution that reduces the time it takes to do your reports from hours to minutes. Mail & Deploy can collect and display data from multiple Qlik® sources. It can even combine data from QlikView® and Qlik Sense®.

We have helped Qlik® users reduce the time they spend on reporting from hours to minutes. This not only makes this process more profitable but also lets them focus their energy on strategy and analysis. Mail & Deploy will display your data very clearly in a simple format. So that your results are easy to view and understand.

With the powerful filtering options, you can choose the exact data you want from each source. This means you get only the data you want, and nothing you do not need. Qlik® users then have more time to spend on delivering work and better insights to executives and managers. This helps strategic decision making.

In addition, our reports can be fully customized so that they can be in your own company standards and styles. And most importantly, decision-makers are able to consume it when, where, on whatever device and in whatever format they prefer.

Mail & Deploy redefines your reporting of Qlik┬« Data – it is automatic, accurate and fast.

Our History

The Mail & Deploy Timeline

Development of Mail & Deploy 2008-2023


We started as a QV Mailer and focused on the automated distribution of reports from QlikView® in PDF format.


We got 4th place in QlikMarket as the most popular solution.


As the functionality of our reporting software expanded, we changed the name of QVMailer.

Since then we have been offering our product under the new name Mail & Deploy, which automatically creates and distributes reports from QlikView® in user-friendly formats such as PowerPoint®, Excel® and Word®, HTML, CSV and Adobe PDF.


With the release of Qlik Sense┬«, Qlik’s innovative self-service analysis platform, we also released Mail & Deploy Version 2.0.

You can now create, design, distribute and share your reports in both Qlik Sense® and QlikView®. Third-party extensions are also supported.


We have added new functions to Mail & Deploy and released version 2.1.

Parallel execution, on-demand hub subscriptions, advanced HTML editor, and multiple templates per report are just a few of the many amazing new features.


In the new decade, our goal was to make great strides with Mail & Deploy.

Version 3.0 was released and is redefining reporting with Qlik®.

This was another step in our plan that allows you to automate and manage your Qlik® reports more efficiently and with fewer challenges.


Mail & Deploy goes Cloud – Our solid, smart and flexible Qlik┬« Reporting solution will also be available as a SaaS solution for even more possible use cases and areas of application.

New Version of Self-Service Extensions with new features like Report Requester, Task Executor and Visualization Exporter.

Continued support of new Qlik® visualizations.


Integration for Qlik Straight Table Object and Streamlined Workspace Cloning

Exciting Integrations on the Horizon with Snowflake, Box, Google Shared Drives, and Enhanced Support for AnyChart Visualizations


Release of Version 4 that will be based on the new .NET Core platform. This means that Mail & Deploy can run on Linux and macOS in addition to Windows. There will be a brand new self-service extension that provides users with more advanced capabilities and an API overhaul is also included in this new release.