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Partnership announcement: Mail & Deploy and NNIT

NNIT: Partnership Announcement

Today we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with NNIT. They are one of Denmark’s leading consultancies in IT development, implementation and operations.

For over a decade, NNIT has applied the latest advances in technology. So they make software development, business processes and communication significantly more effective.

Since 2013, NNIT is a partner of Qlik®. They offer the Qlik® Data Integration and Analytics platform in combination with NNIT’s consulting, implementation and operations services. So organisations spend less time on technology. Instead, they can focus on squeezing more value from their data in an intuitive and simple way.

A few weeks ago, NNIT has added Mail & Deploy, the powerful reporting suite for Qlik® to their portfolio.

Not only does Mail & Deploy help NNIT increase time to value and reduce the need for costly reporting automation but it also allows them to avoid inefficient processes and to design reports out of Qlik® that are perceptually optimized.

“As extensive users and developers of Qlik applications within our organization our goal was to find a compatible automation tool, which would allow us to put the task of reporting to our colleagues and customers to another level. Mail&Deploy has proven to be a strong and competitive solution in this regard, providing our developers with an adequate and necessary flexibility. We are seeing an immense potential in Mail&Deploy as a good automation supplement to our Qlik based BI solutions and are more than happy to be part of this journey as partners.”

NNIT has around 3,300 employees. Of which approximately half work outside the borders of ​Denmark. They are working in China, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Switzerland, Germany and in the US. They create value for their clients by treating the IT as if it was their own. And of course, they meet the industry’s strictest regulatory requirements.

The new partnership with Mail & Deploy gives them a flexible and intuitive reporting automation solution. It can be implemented relatively quickly and with much less cost than traditional reporting automation systems for Qlik®.

We are excited to work with them and look forward to continually building upon this partnership with NNIT. If you have questions or are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact us or write to us at

For more information about NNIT A/S please visit

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