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Pomerol Partners

Pomerol Partners

Pomerol Partners creates and delivers meaningful, business-focused data solutions. They are not general technologists; they specialize in data and data-driven projects. Their team of consultants and data engineers have a depth of experience across the full analytics supply chain – from initial data extraction, through transformation and modelling, to dashboarding and operational alerting, and, onward to machine learning and predictive analytics. They also integrate data into customer-facing portals. They work in a wide range of industries across a wide range of business functions including sales, operations, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and, more. Their clients include the Fortune 100 to 100 employee companies. And their consultants are in the United States, United Kingdom, and Portugal.

Reseller in the USA

“We chose to partner with Mail and Deploy because we have seen many of our new clients start in the cloud and existing clients moving to the cloud; we’re excited to have an option for them to do heavily formatted reports while also leveraging all of the awesome new features of Qlik SaaS.”

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