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How-to Videos

Watch our Videos to learn more about our Mail & Deploy Features. Our videos help you understand and effectively utilize each feature in Mail & Deploy.

Master your Qlik® Reporting with our comprehensive, short, and easy
Mail & Deploy tutorials.

How to set up Mail & Deploy

Let’s get started so you can send out your first reports out of Qlik® as soon as possible. Let’s check the system requirements and install Mail & Deploy on-premise.

Duration: 5 min

Easy way to connect your Qlik data sources to Mail & Deploy

Mail & Deploy can connect to a whole range of Qlik® and data sources, including Qlik Sense® Business, Desktop and Server App, QlikView® Local and Server Document as well as Microsoft® SQL Server or Oracle Database.

Duration: 1:17 min

How to create, organize and manage your Qlik reporting content with workspaces

Workspaces in Mail & Deploy are used to organize and manage your content. In this video, we will show you how to create a workspace in Mail & Deploy and how you can use it. 

Duration: 2:25 min

Easy way to create a Microsoft PowerPoint report with Mail & Deploy

Generate reports in snackable formats like Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, PDF, JPG or HTML with Mail & Deploy. 

Duration: 2:54 min

How to use Repeaters in Mail & Deploy for a Microsoft Excel Report

Repeaters can be used to repeat portions of a report template. You can insert the placeholder for the repeater by simple dragging and dropping it into your template in Mail & Deploy. 

Duration: 3:19 min

How to use Repeaters in Mail & Deploy for a Microsoft PowerPoint Report

In this video, we are going to show you how to use a repeater in Mail & Deploy for a Microsoft® PowerPoint report.

Duration: 2:40 min

How to use Microsoft® Office charts in Mail & Deploy

Mail & Deploy enables you to use Microsoft® Office charts in your reports to visualize your Qlik® data.

Duration: 1:33 min

Easy way to control your reporting with conditions in Mail & Deploy

Conditions let you control report generation and distribution in Mail & Deploy. You can add multiple conditions to any report or task.

Duration: 4:50 min

How to create and use tasks in Mail & Deploy

You can distribute all report types as email attachments or embed your HTML reports directly into the body of emails. For sending out your reports by email, you are creating a task in Mail & Deploy.

Duration: 5:28 min

How to enable HTTPS in Mail & Deploy

Mail & Deploy supports accessing the Web UI via HTTPS. This feature is not enabled by default. You can create a self-signed certificate or use your 3rd party signed certificate.

Duration: 1:50 min

How to create a virtual proxy for Mail & Deploy

Mail & Deploy needs a virtual proxy that has in its settings a Windows in the Windows authentication pattern option. through the process of setting up a virtual proxy for Mail & Deploy. Learn how to enhance the security and accessibility of your reporting system.

Duration: 1:50 min

Easy way to share your Qlik Reports via Microsoft SharePoint

With Mail & Deploy, you can effortlessly upload your Qlik reports to Microsoft SharePoint. Say goodbye to manual uploads and hello to a more efficient way of managing your reports.

Duration: 4:55 min

How to use Parallelization within Tasks in Mail & Deploy

Dive into the powerful feature of parallelization within tasks in Mail & Deploy. Discover how to supercharge your reporting process by executing tasks concurrently, saving you valuable time and resources.

Duration: 4:50 min

How to create cycles in Mail & Deploy

We will guide you through the process of creating cycles in Mail & Deploy, an essential skill for automating your reporting tasks effectively.

Duration: 2:22 min

How to use the file collection action in Mail & Deploy

The file collection action in Mail & Deploy helps you to effortlessly gather and manage your reports, making your reporting process more efficient.

Duration: 2:06 min

Create use matching value tables in Mail & Deploy

Create and utilize user matching value tables to streamline your data mapping tasks, making your reporting process smoother than ever.

Duration: 1:52 min

Powerful use of the Mail & Deploy API

Discover the immense capabilities of the Mail & Deploy API! Learn how to harness its potential to supercharge your reporting, automate tasks, and integrate with your favorite tools.

Duration: 12:57 min

How to configure the Mail & Deploy Extension Visualization Exporter

Learn how to seamlessly export and showcase your visualizations for maximum impact with the Mail & Deploy Extension Visualization Exporter.

Duration: 4:26 min

How to create native Microsoft Excel Pivot table in Mail & Deploy

Unlock the power of data reporting with creating native Microsoft Excel Pivot tables in Mail & Deploy.

Duration: 2:58 min