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What is coming up next?

We want to make sure we are building the best possible reporting extension for you.

The Mail & Deploy roadmap is a snapshot. It shows you what we are working on and what we plan to roll out in the next 3 to 6 months. This helps us open up a practical dialogue. We want to connect with you, our customers, leads and partners. And we want to know more about what you want and need without giving away any top-secret details.

We want to hear what you do and do not like. We want to gather your feedback so that we can prioritise what is most important and better shape our product.

In the future, we are aiming to add even more functionality to Mail & Deploy. So if you have any feedback, questions or ideas, let us know. Write us at

2022 Q4

  • New Self-Service Extension Features
    With version 3.3.0, we release an updated version of the self-service extension. It includes a lot of new features, easier configuration options and more power:

    – Start tasks from within the Extension
    – Add a cycle (one for each value of the dimension you chose) and create a collection of reports in the report requests
    – Get a list of workspaces and a list of reports/tasks to choose from
    – Send parameters
    – Change the colours of the buttons and texts
    – Add a condition to show and hide the button
    – Add a condition to activate the report or task request (that is, the button is visible, but a condition has to be true for the button to work – for example, you can show the button if condition 1 is true, but only enable the request if condition 2 is true)

  • New Qlik-Connection
    The connection between Mail & Deploy and Qlik got an upgrade as well. This makes Mail & Deploy more powerful and reports can be created even faster.

Coming in 2023

In 2023, we are planning to Release Mail & Deploy Version 4.0. This version will bring a completely new interface and an API overhaul. For this version, we are going for evolution instead of a revolutionary approach. There will not be any migration involved. It will be an in-place update, but it will be completely based on the new .NET 6 platform.

  • New user interface
    Fresh touch and a more intuitive user interface that is cleaned up to give you a much better overview and navigation experience. Other improvements comprise the introduction of paging, search and sorting functions …
  • API overhaul
    This will make Mail & Deploy more performant and more compliant with current web standards.
  • Mail & Deploy on-premise and SaaS for Linux and macOS
    The migration to the new .NET 6 platform makes it possible that the Mail & Deploy Server can run on Linux and macOS in addition to Windows.
  • Command-line Interface
    We will also release a command-line interface. That is for those of you who want to use the API of Mail & Deploy and who do not want to write complicated HTTP requests with JSON or any other interfaces (e.g. for simple tasks like executing a task at the end of a Qlik Sense® load script). We will provide a command-line tool that you can start simply by giving it the command line parameter like, for example, the name of the task you want to execute. So you can quickly integrate Mail & Deploy functionality in your existing systems.
  • New self-service extension capabilities with Section Access
    The Mail & Deploy Self-Service Extension will not only support requesting a report from the extension from within Qlik Sense® but also give the user the ability to design reports from within Qlik Sense®. You can then move objects to a page and create PDF files or Microsoft Powerpoint files from it. Furthermore, it will also allow you to use section access. It will automatically use the section access of the user requesting the report through the extension. And we will add alerting functionality to the extension.

Want to stay up-to-date?

We will be updating the roadmap on a regular basis as we plan new features.