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What is coming up next?

We want to make sure we are building the best possible reporting extension for you.

The Mail & Deploy roadmap is a snapshot. It shows you what we are working on and what we plan to roll out in the next 3 to 6 months. This helps us open up a practical dialogue. We want to connect with you, our customers, leads and partners. And we want to know more about what you want and need without giving away any top-secret details.

We want to hear what you do and do not like. We want to gather your feedback so that we can prioritise what is most important and better shape our product.

In the future, we are aiming to add even more functionality to Mail & Deploy. So if you have any feedback, questions or ideas, let us know. Write us at

2023 Q4

  • New Snowflake Integration
    Snowflake is a leading cloud-based data warehousing platform known for its exceptional performance, scalability, and ease of use. With its unique architecture, Snowflake empowers organizations to manage and analyze vast amounts of data with ease.

    With the Snowflake integration, you can effortlessly access your data stored in Snowflake directly from Mail & Deploy. No need to go through complicated data extraction processes – your data is at your fingertips, ensuring that your reports are based on the latest information.

  • New Integration with Google Shared Drive
    Google Shared Drive is a widely used cloud storage and file-sharing platform, and Shared Drives is a feature within Google Drive that fosters team collaboration. It’s the ideal platform for securely storing, managing and sharing important documents and files with colleagues and external stakeholders.

    The integration with Google Shared Drives ushers in a new era of efficiency and convenience for your data reporting and distribution when using Mail & Deploy.

  • Support of AnyChart
    With Mail & Deploy’s new support for Anychart visualizations, you can now effortlessly incorporate these diverse chart types (a wide range of chart types, from classic line charts to advanced heatmaps) into your reports, ensuring your data is presented in the most meaningful and engaging way.

    Anychart is a renowned leader in data visualization, known for its extensive library of chart types, seamless interactivity, and beautiful design for Qlik Sense. Whether you’re dealing with financial data, sales reports, or any other form of data, Anychart empowers you to create compelling visuals in Qlik Sense that tell a story and now you can use it with Mail & Deploy as well.

  • New effortless Report Distributionvia Box
    Box is a leading cloud content management and file-sharing platform, trusted by businesses around the world. It offers secure and centralized storage for your files, making it easier to manage, share, and collaborate on documents.

    With Mail & Deploy, you can now effortlessly generate reports and distribute them to your selected recipients through Box. Say goodbye to the days of manual file transfers and concerns about oversized attachments inundating email inboxes.

Coming in 2024

Get ready for a smooth and exciting transformation to Mail & Deploy 4.0!

What makes Version 4.0 stand out is its commitment to evolution, prioritizing a seamless transition for our users. We’re offering an in-place update that will run on the robust foundation of the new .NET Core platform.

  • Enhanced User Interface
    Experience a fresh, more intuitive user interface that offers improved navigation and a cleaner look, providing you with a superior overview. This update also introduces essential functions like paging, search, and sorting, …

  • API Revamp
    We’re enhancing the API to make Mail & Deploy more efficient and fully compliant with contemporary web standards.

  • Mail & Deploy on Multiple Platforms
    Thanks to our migration to the new .NET Core platform, Mail & Deploy Server is expanding its horizons. It will now run on Linux and macOS, in addition to Windows.

  • Command-Line Interface
    For those seeking an easier way to utilize Mail & Deploy’s API without the hassle of complex HTTP requests, we’re introducing a command-line interface. You can seamlessly integrate Mail & Deploy functionality into your existing systems by providing simple command-line parameters, such as task names.

  • Self-Service Extension Advancements with Section Access
    Our Mail & Deploy Self-Service Extension is getting even more versatile. It now supports not only requesting reports but also empowers users with enhanced reporting design possibilities. Move objects, create PDFs, and Microsoft PowerPoint files, and leverage section access effortlessly. Additionally, we’re adding alerting functionality to the extension, enhancing its capabilities further.

These exciting developments are part of our commitment to providing you with a seamless and feature-rich experience. Stay tuned for these updates in Version 4.0!

Want to stay up-to-date?

We will be updating the roadmap on a regular basis as we plan new features.