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What is coming up next?

We want to make sure we are building the best possible reporting extension for you.

The Mail & Deploy roadmap is a snapshot. It shows you what we are working on and what we plan to roll out in the next 3 to 6 months. This helps us open up a practical dialogue. We want to connect with you, our customers, leads and partners. And we want to know more about what you want and need without giving away any top-secret details.

We want to hear what you do and do not like. We want to gather your feedback so that we can prioritise what is most important and better shape our product.

In the future, we are aiming to add even more functionality to Mail & Deploy. So if you have any feedback, questions or ideas, let us know. Write us at


Mail & Deploy® Version 3.0

  • Complete Source Control – you can check out and check-in reports and previous versions will be kept, so you can easily “roll back” to a previous version of a report. The same will be the case for tasks.
  • Native HTTPS support; either through a self-signed certificate created by Mail & Deploy during the installation or – which is, of course, the only secure way – with a certificate provided by the customer.
  • Web Interface
  • Report Designers do no longer need access to QlikView / Qlik Sense – everything is created on the server through the service user (or custom credentials if you provide them for a Qlik Sense data source).
  • Much better user directory support: you can now define user directories (CSV, XML, Active Directory) which can then be easily synchronized in a task. In the current version that is also possible, but it’ll be much easier and logical in the new version.
  • Multiple controls for hub parameters: in the current version you could only choose between text and drop-downs and you were only able to provide a single value for each parameter. In the new version, you have free text fields, drop-downs, numeric sliders and you can provide more than one value per parameter. Also, search fields are supported (where, if you have a large number of values to choose from, you don’t have to pick from a drop-down but can search them in a browser window).
  • Image report elements are no longer referenced by %%reportelement_code%% but actual images in the template. You don’t have do specify sizes in pixels any longer; just drag the image to the position you like and size it the way you want and Mail & Deploy will take care of the pixel size itself.
  • PDF output settings now include a “Quality” setting where you can decide whether visual quality or file size is more important.
  • Every image element (charts, pictures etc.) now has a quality setting which can have one of three values: Normal = the chart will be sharp up to 100% zoom, High = the chart will be sharp up to 150% zoom, Very High = the chart will be sharp up to 200 % zoom. This will also affect file size, of course.
  • Condition elements: You can now group rows in excel or portions of word and HTML documents (or you can use the condition on a complete sheet in Excel or slide in PowerPoint). If the condition is not fulfilled, the section of the report element (rows, portion, sheet, or slide) will not be included in the output.
  • Report designers no longer need to have a windows username. Each user may have custom credentials AND windows credentials and can log in with both if he/she likes to.
  • And of course much much more

Want to stay up-to-date?

We will be updating the roadmap on a regular basis as we plan new features.