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Share your Qlik Sense Story with Mail & Deploy

Feature Friday: Storytelling

Happy #Feature Friday!

Today we are bringing you another short and sweet, but helpful Feature Friday. Let us talk about …

Qlik Sense Stories

We all know Qlik Sense Storytelling … it is a great way to drive communication of insights and facilitate collaboration on group decisions within a company.

With the data storytelling in Qlik Sense you can present data insights as a form of a compelling story through which users understand the purpose of analysis, the insights are drawn from the analysis using the given data, and what conclusion must be derived from the analysis done.

You build a narrative around a story and emphasize elements of it with your analyses from Qlik Sense ensuring that decision-makers and top management get a clear picture of business cases.

For this purpose, you can use snapshots, images, effects and other storytelling elements in Qlik Sense to pull together your consistent stories and help drive decisions in your organization using data.

And of course, there is the possibility to share your stories by publishing them to the Qlik Sense Cloud and export them as Powerpoint or PDF files.

Still, Mail & Deploy goes one step further and supports the automated generation and distribution of reports on the basis of Qlik Sense stories.

You can include individual slides of stories in any PDF, Excel®, Word®, PowerPoint® or HTML report and easily adjust your story to your specific audience.

Qlik Sense Story Telling Support

So you let them stay in the loop and give team leaders, managers and executives a decision-making basis in the form of engaging and informative reports.

Mail and Deploy is all about effortless and time-saving reporting with QlikView and Qlik Sense. We are always looking for ways to integrate our feature-rich Reporting Suite into the Qlik Environment so that you as a Qlik user get the most out of your analyses.

If you are curious about an existing feature of Mail & Deploy or if you have a need for another Qlik reporting feature, feel free to get in touch with us – we are here for it all.

Have a great weekend!

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