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#Feature Friday – Enhanced HTML editor


It is #Feature Friday!

The ongoing digital transformation of business and society has been shifted into overdrive by the COVID-19 pandemic. Decision-makers across all sectors worldwide are increasingly embracing an array of digital activities and technologies throughout this entire time. As a result, the internet is gaining even more importance in its role as a publication channel; even for corporate reporting.

The digitization in reporting is progressing with great dynamism. It is fundamentally changing reporting and the way in which it is performed. So far, companies have always relied on paper and Excel, Word or PDF documents for their reporting process.

Now, the age of digital reporting has begun. More and more companies publish and deploy a digital version of their respective reports within and beyond the business organisation.

Compared to the traditional formats, users prefer the sharable and interactive aspects of HTML. HTML reports are visually pleasing, easy to comprehend and also manageable in the creation.

In particular, online reports prove themselves with a screen-optimized presentation, connecting content, high searchability as well as multimedia and interactive functions. Furthermore, HTML reports can also be designed for the increasingly important use on mobile devices (responsiveness).

Unfortunately, many reporting systems for Qlik® lack in one or more of these regards. Especially when creating printable HTML reports or PDF from HTML reports, the result can be less than satisfying.

Mail & Deploy has already responded to this ongoing change and covers the need for digital reports with the following feature:

Enhanced HTML editor

With the enhanced HTML Editor of Mail & Deploy, you are able to create great-looking, printable HTML reports of your comprehensive Qlik® analyses.

Your complex data out of QlikView® and Qlik Sense® is structured and displayed interactively, with charts, (raw) tables and graphs or exclusively with trueChart table and image elements.

In addition, it is possible to insert HTML reports with ease directly in an e-mail body or create high-quality Adobe PDF and Adobe PDF/A Documents.

Say goodbye to boring HTML reports and generate online reports of your Qlik® analyses in the most effective way. Mail & Deploy provides you with full flexibility and a wide range of time-saving features that will streamline your HTML report generation process.

Convince yourself of Mail & Deploy’s diverse features, which not only save you time but also resources and costs in the long term. Get in touch and book your webinar!

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