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Mail & Deploy Roadmap: What to expect in 2022

Mail & Deploy Roadmap Reveal 2022

The future for Mail & Deploy looks bright, with significant developments planned to ensure that progress from last year’s successes is upheld and momentum is sustained over the next twelve months.

Reflecting on the past years, as a company, we are continually aiming to reach higher and better milestones to ensure a path of steady growth and success. We have exceeded expectations in the past 12 months, but more progress is required for us to reach even higher milestones!

Among our vision for 2022, the primary objective is to develop a simple yet comprehensive reporting solution for Qlik® that becomes accessible to even more Qlik® users around the world and bring overwhelming value in terms of reporting, whether on-premise or in the cloud or on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Let’s see together what grandiose plans we have prepared for 2022!

Our roadmap is a symphony of what we believe is the natural next progression towards our wider vision, but also a result of listening and understanding our customer feedback and demand. While we may add items that we believe make us competitive in the market or features that are based on the general market direction, we are constantly adjusting and adapting to what you, the customer, need to deliver successful reports out of QlikView®, Qlik Sense® and Qlik Sense® SaaS.

Here is what to expect in 2022:

Q1 2022

  • Mail & Deploy goes Cloud
    With the introduction of Mail & Deploy SaaS, we will offer our customers a fully cloud-ready SaaS solution that enables easy reporting in the cloud. Mail & Deploy SaaS offers Qlik® users the full range of functions of the classic on-premise solution, but Mail & Deploy takes over the maintenance work in terms of hosting and updates.
  • Release Version 3.2
    Our team developed multiple new features for this upcoming release. We think there is something new and beneficial for everyone. Stayed tuned.
  • Better documentation, tutorials, and videos
    We are currently recording videos and tutorials to make life easier for those who are just starting with Mail & Deploy. And we are already working on better documentation. For this reason, we switched to a new documentation editing software and we will publish it in the near future.

Q2/Q3 2022

  • New Self Service Extension Features
    In the first half of 2022 we have planned to release a new version of the self-service extension which also allows you to use section access. It will automatically make use of the section access of the user that requests the report through the extension. And we will add alerting functionality to the extension.
  • Continued support of new Qlik® visualizations
    Furthermore, we will also further continue the support of Qlik vizualistiations and extensions. We are currently working on the implementation of TRUECHART in version 3 and we are almost every week adding additional visualizations that we find to be useful or extensions that you request to be included and supported by Mail & Deploy.
  • Command-line Interface
    We will also release a command-line interface. That is for those of you who want to use the API of Mail & Deploy and who do not want to write complicated HTTP requests with JSON or any other interfaces (e.g. for simple tasks like executing a task at the end of a Qlik Sense® load script). We will provide a command-line tool that you can start simply by giving it the command line parameter like, for example, the name of the task you want to execute. So you can quickly integrate Mail & Deploy functionality in your existing systems.

Q4 2022

  • Release of Version 3.5
    For Q4 2022, we are planning to at least release a preview version of version 3.5. For this version, we are going for an evolution instead of revolution approach. There will not be any migration involved. It will be an in-place update, but it will be completely based on the new .NET 6 platform. This means that Mail & Deploy can run on Linux and on macOS in addition to Windows.

    We will have a brand new self-service extension in version 3.5. It will not only support requesting a report from the extension from within Qlik Sense® but also give the user the ability to design reports from within Qlik Sense®. You can then move objects to a page and create PDF files or Microsoft Powerpoint files from it.

    In addition, we will do an API overhaul to make it more performant and more compliant with current web standards.

Mail & Deploy is on course for a fantastic year in 2022. Hope you stay with us, as we keep developing the best and ultimate Qlik® Reporting Suite for our users!

We will update the company’s roadmap and overall strategy as we head into this new era of progress! As usual, a quick disclaimer – roadmaps are aspirational – we aim to deliver everything we set out to, but some things will inevitably get pushed.

We are constantly taking feedback from our biggest supporters regarding how we can improve the product, so, please keep your suggestions coming! Join our Mail & Deploy Community or write us at and let’s discuss your ideas.

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