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Mail & Deploy Quickies: A new video series on our YouTube Channel

Learn how to use the Mail & Deploy software with our 1-minute videos!

new video series - mail & deploy quickies

There came a new series of 1-minute videos up on our YouTube channel – Mail & Deploy Quickies!

This series is going to be dedicated to the basic understanding of Mail & Deploy and is meant to specifically help you. Whenever we find our customers and partners asking “How does this work in Mail & Deploy?”, we will create a short and concise video and put it in the Mail & Deploy Quickies section of our YouTube Channel.

We hope you will enjoy the new series! And if you have a question or you have something you want to see, leave us a comment or give us a shout! We will do our best to create a video response!

Watch one of the first Mail & Deploy Quickies below and if you are interested in watching other videos in the Mail & Deploy Quickies series, click here to view the whole YouTube playlist.

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