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News   Streamlining Support: New Support Handling Procedure at Mail & Deploy

Meet our newest team member!

We welcome Matthias Schäfer as our new Head of Customer Experience/Engagement!

Welcome to the team, Matthias Schäfer!

A dynamic R&D team is one of the things that make Mail & Deploy stand out as a Qlik reporting solution for Qlikkies all around the world. The reactiveness and efficiency of our R&D team are things we are known for and are highly regarded by our users and partners.

We welcome Matthias Schäfer as our new Head of Customer Experience/Engagement to maintain this high standard and provide even more for our customers.

Matthias studied computer science and application development in Germany for three years. With a Bachelor’s degree from Richard-von-Weizsäcker Berufskolleg and training as an IT specialist, Matthias worked as a web application developer and technical support for Aerosoft GmbH, a company known for flight simulations and simulation games. He contributed to implementing and deploying new development solutions and web applications.

His Role at Mail & Deploy

Matthias will be diagnosing, troubleshooting, and quickly resolving customer issues. He will also play another essential part in developing and improving future versions of Mail & Deploy alongside our development team. He will take over specific tasks and write and develop scripts using .NET or any other language.

In addition, Matthias will be collaborating in creating resources for our support portal and our YouTube Channel using the experiences of our customers and partners as feedback to improve our Qlik reporting solution and user experience.

Early Days at Mail & Deploy

Matthias recalls the early days at Mail & Deploy with fondness. He was instantly welcomed as a member of the team. He also received excellent support in learning and becoming familiar with the internal systems, as well as with Qlik and Mail & Deploy. Working at Mail & Deploy is a great chance to build on his experience while expanding his industry knowledge.

A big welcome to Matthias, our new Head of Customer Experience/Engagement. Get in touch with our new colleague via LinkedIn!

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