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Mail & Deploy Release 3.4: Unveiling Powerful Integrations and New Enhancements

Mail & Deploy Version 3.4 introduces seamless integrations with leading platforms like Snowflake and Google.

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What's new in Release 3.4

Big Integrations are here

We are thrilled to introduce Mail & Deploy Version 3.4, a transformative release that not only enhances the core capabilities of our Qlik reporting solution but also introduces seamless integrations with leading platforms like Snowflake and Google.

Packed with innovative features and integrations, Version 3.4 empowers you to streamline your Qlik reporting processes and deliver impactful insights with ease.

It is available to download in our Mail & Deploy Community now! Also, check out the Release Notes in our new Online Documentation!

What’s in the update?

Let’s delve into the highlights that make Version 3.4 a release that elevates your reporting capabilities to new heights:

New Snowflake Integration: Harnessing the Power of Data

Snowflake is renowned for its exceptional performance and scalability in cloud-based data warehousing. With our new Snowflake integration, accessing and analyzing your data stored in Snowflake has never been easier. Say goodbye to complex data extraction processes – now, your data is seamlessly accessible directly from Mail & Deploy, ensuring that your reports are always based on the latest information.

Integration with Google Shared Drive: Collaboration Made Easy

Google Shared Drive is a cornerstone of collaborative work environments, providing secure cloud storage and file-sharing capabilities. With our integration, you can now leverage the power of Google Shared Drives directly within Mail & Deploy. Effortlessly store, manage, and share important documents and files with colleagues and external stakeholders, streamlining your reporting and distribution processes.

Support of AnyChart: Elevating Data Visualization

Unlock the full potential of your data with Mail & Deploy’s support for AnyChart visualizations. From classic line charts to advanced heatmaps, AnyChart offers a diverse range of chart types to suit your reporting needs. Now seamlessly integrate these powerful visualizations into your reports, ensuring that your data is presented in the most meaningful and engaging way possible.

Effortless Report Distribution via Box: Simplifying Collaboration

Box is a trusted cloud content management platform used by businesses worldwide. With our integration, generating and distributing reports has never been easier. Say goodbye to manual file transfers and oversized email attachments – now, you can effortlessly generate reports and distribute them to your selected recipients through Box, streamlining collaboration and ensuring secure file management.

There is more

Furthermore, Mail & Deploy Release 3.4 includes other new features and significant bug fixes:

  • BigQuery Data Source Integration: Now you can seamlessly connect and import data from Google BigQuery directly into our platform. Harness the power of BigQuery for robust and efficient data analysis within your workflows.
  • Excel Table Synchronization Support: Effortlessly keep your Excel tables up to date with our new synchronization feature. Enjoy automated data updates, ensuring that your Excel tables are always current and accurate.
  • Custom Callback URL for Azure AD User Directories: Azure Active Directory user directories now support custom callback URLs, providing you with greater flexibility and control over authentication processes.
  • Merge File Collection Content Action: Combine and merge content from different file collections effortlessly. Enhance your data processing capabilities with this versatile new action.
  • Table.RemoveRows Expression Function: Take control of your data cleansing process with the Table.RemoveRows expression function. Easily remove unwanted rows and clean up your datasets with precision.
  • PasswordProtectReportDocument Expression Function: Ensure the security of your reports by utilizing the PasswordProtectReportDocument expression function. Safeguard sensitive information with password protection.
  • Microsoft Excel Reports Saved to HTML: Expand your reporting options by saving Microsoft Excel reports directly to HTML. Enhance the accessibility and shareability of your reports with this new feature.
  • Automatic Excel Row Height Adjustment for PDF Rendering: Experience smoother PDF rendering with automatic adjustment of Excel row heights. Enjoy a polished and professional presentation of your data in PDF format.
  • Dynamic Workspace and Task Properties in Task Executor Extension: Make your workflows more dynamic and adaptive by incorporating dynamic properties for both workspace and task in the Task Executor extension.
  • HTTP Headers Support for MS365 Outlook E-Mail Server: Receive delivery and read receipts with ease by utilizing the newly added support for HTTP headers in MS365 Outlook E-Mail Server integration. Keep track of email communications efficiently.
  • Advanced KPI Extension for Qlik Sense Support: Unlock the full potential of your data analytics with added support for the Advanced KPI Extension for Qlik Sense. Leverage advanced key performance indicators to gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions.

These features mark a significant step forward in providing you with a more robust and flexible platform for your Qlik data processing and workflow automation needs. We can’t wait to see how these enhancements empower you to achieve even more.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your reporting processes, leverage powerful data visualizations, or simplify collaboration, Version 3.4 has you covered.

Upgrade now and start exploring these exciting new capabilities!

For information on the documentation of Release 3.4.0, please visit or get in touch with us directly via

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