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Event   Mail & Deploy Joins iodata BI-Symposium 2024: Embracing Data-Driven Solutions and Qlik Innovations

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Welcome to our Mail & Deploy In-Depth Workshop

Where data visualization meets precision reporting

Join us for a deep dive into the heart of our Qlik Reporting powerful tool, where we unravel its intricacies
during an immersive 12-hour training session.

Whether you are a seasoned Qlik data professional or just stepping into the world of business intelligence and Qlik, this workshop is designed to elevate your skills and empower you to create reports out of Qlik Cloud, Qlik Sense and QlikView that not only inform but inspire.

What to Expect in the Workshop

We will navigate the landscape of Mail & Deploy, exploring its features, functionalities,
and hidden gems

Our In-Depth Workshop covers a spectrum of topics to ensure you harness the full potential of Mail & Deploy. It is applicable to both the Client-Managed and SaaS/cloud versions of the software, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

  1. Getting Started: The installation and configuration process is made ridiculously simple to kickstart your Mail & Deploy journey (client-managed version)

  2. Administrative Tasks: Learn to effortlessly create data sources, manage users, and perform various activities from a centralized platform.

  3. Create Reports: With just a few clicks, discover how to convert your reports into various file formats, catering to the preferences of your recipients.

  4. Distribute Reports: Explore the unique features of Mail & Deploy that can autonomously manage your reporting tasks.

  5. Mail & Deploy Hub: Navigate the user-friendly Online Portal Hub, which supports viewing, downloading, subscribing, and storing available reports.

  6. Extensions: Connect your Apps to Mail & Deploy seamlessly using the Extensions, enabling functionalities like document requests and object exports.

Schedule your workshop

Join us and become a Mail & Deploy virtuoso in just 12 hours

To cater to your schedule, we offer flexibility by dividing the training into two options:
four sessions of 3 hours each or three sessions of 4 hours each.

Please choose the one that better suits your needs!

Workshop Details

Prepare to be immersed in hands-on exercises, real-world scenarios, and expert insights

  • Maximum Participants: Limited to 12 per online workshop and to 8 per in-person workshop, ensuring an interactive and focused learning environment.
  • Requirements: To maximize the benefits of our intensive workshop, we strongly advise participants to possess a foundational understanding of Qlik and to have already initiated the design of their initial dashboards.

  • Interactive Exercises: Engage in hands-on activities to reinforce your understanding.

  • Materials and Certificates: All participants receive workshop materials and a certificate upon completion.

  • Recording for Future Reference: The online workshop will be recorded, allowing easy sharing and re-watching with your team members.

Online Workshop Format

We will guide you through every facet of Mail & Deploy

For logistical ease, our online workshop adopts a format with one active participant and several passive participants. The active participant can conduct exercises via TeamViewer, while others can ask questions and listen via Zoom/Teams.

Active participation can be switched between sessions for a dynamic learning experience.

Spread the Word

This workshop is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Mail & Deploy

Feel free to share this valuable information with your team, and do not hesitate to reach out via if you have any further questions.

We look forward to embarking on this enriching Mail & Deploy journey with you!