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We're all set to soar with you to explore the impressive heights of Mail & Deploy's Self-Service Reporting features!

BSC DataScience Logo

BSC DataScience

As experts in machine learning, data science, business intelligence and integrated corporate planning, BSC DataScience helps its customers from viewing the data to automated processing, preparation, analysis and deriving recommendations for action.


Mercanza Logo


MERCANZA has been a technological and engineering services company since 1991 with the widest and most varied professional experience and implementation at a national level. They have experience in the implementation of systems and projects with more than 2,000 clients.

Reseller in SPAIN and COLUMBIA

Logo AMETRAS intelligence

AMETRAS intelligence

AMETRAS intelligence GmbH is a young, rapidly growing subsidiary of the AMETRAS Group. They are an official QlikView OEM partner and have been supporting numerous companies with their Qlik installations for years. In addition to reporting and dashboarding, data analysis, data warehousing and process mining, they also deal with intelligent analysis methods in the field of data mining and machine learning.


Logo Matisi Consulting

Matisi Consulting

Matisi Consulting are specialists in converting data into knowledge for various businesses, which will allow them to act with certainty. Their team consists of technology experts and consultants who support their clients with an external, professional and ethical perspective.

Reseller in CHILE

“In our desire to advise our clients, we are always seeking to deliver the best solution and added value in our work. Mail & Deploy is a fundamental complement for the use of the Qlik platform, which is why we trust and are very happy about this association.”

Logo Inics

inics GmbH

inics offers comprehensive data & analytics consulting and solutions for retail companies, especially fashion and textile retailers. This enables their customers to generate the greatest possible added value from data in order to be able to make decisions and be competitive in the future.


Logo Mind Analytics

Mind Analytics

Mind Analytics is a technology company that helps its clients on the journey to data-driven business transformation. From strategy to management to get the maximum value from an organization’s data. Big Data, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are their capabilities.

Reseller in SPAIN

Logo Calyps Data Intelligence

Calyps DATA Intelligence

Swiss company founded in 2001, Calyps SA specializes in the services, counseling and training in Data Analytics and data driven solution. Calyps mission is to ensure the implementation of decision-making processes with multinational corporations and SMEs mainly in the retail, insurance, banking, and health. Closely advising business executives and IT managers & Finance in the implementation of these processes, Calyps has become over time a partner in the areas of BI, AI, Data Lakes and Data Warehouse.


“Mail & Deploy helps our customer to reach their complex reporting expectation in the cloud, in a relatively intuitive and simple tool.”