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News   Streamlining Support: New Support Handling Procedure at Mail & Deploy

Fonds Soziales Wien

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Vienna Social Fund spreads its key insights with Mail & Deploy throughout the whole company

” With Mail & Deploy each report can be created in a short or long version. So we ensure that all users get the level of detail they need.”

IT Manager, Vienna Social Fund

The Vienna Social Fund (FSW) advises and accompanies Viennese in difficult life situations. It ensures that people in Vienna receive the support they need.

The offer of the Vienna Social Fund includes care and support services, assistance for the disabled, homelessness, debt counselling and basic care for refugees. The FSW, together with its approximately 170 partner organizations, supports around 121,000 customers quickly and individually. With around 1,900 employees, the company is a pioneer in the health and social sectors.

With Mail & Deploy, 350 reports are created regularly. The reports are saved on an individual file server per recipient.

There are reports per cost centre groups and cost centre, per project and object. Mail & Deploy runs different loops to create the reports.

To give all users the level of details that they need, each report can be created in a short or long version. The long versions of the report show each account and if requested also right down to the accounting level.

Via the web hub, each recipient can get his reports on demand and has so the insights he needs to make critical business decisions for the Vienna Social Fund.

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