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2020: The year in review

2020 - Year in Review

It is almost 2021! You know what they say, time flies when you are having fun. Despite the pandemic circumstances, we had a lot going on in 2020. We relaunched our website. Our team advanced and grew. Mail & Deploy was shown all around the world. We continued to challenge ourselves in solving complex Qlik reporting problems. Our determination brought us development, growth, and change. We are delighted to share our accomplishments with you. Here is our 2020 Year in Review.

What a year 2020 has been!

We at Mail & Deploy have made enormous progress this year and we are not stopping yet. The milestone we have all been working towards is nearly here: the Mail & Deploy Version 3.0 will be launched in the coming month and will include a range of exciting features.

Before we reach this landmark and head, full of momentum, into 2021, let us reflect on the huge leaps forward we have achieved this year.


This year we have announced a number of partnerships. We now have 28 partners operating in more than 35 countries of the world. They are all committed Qlik® partners and specialised in various Business Intelligence related industries. Mail & Deploy is continuing to work closely with several other major international partners. We look forward to revealing details about them next year. Here are some more key partnerships that we announced in 2020:

Natural Synergies, Inc.: Led by noted QlikView® veteran Oleg Troyansky, Natural Synergies were our first US reseller this year who is operating from Illinois.

ilionx Group B.V.: Founded in 2002, ilionx is a medium-sized IT service provider that enables its customers to stay ahead. As a digital partner, the company supports its customers in responding quickly to changes in the market and in choosing relevant innovations from the ever-growing range.

Lizardis: In February, we welcomed Lizardis with their Qlik® experience and their solution JoMash as a part of our partner network.

RBC Group: The RBC Group joined our Mail & Deploy partner program this September and thus helping companies in the CIS region pave their way to simple, flexible reporting for Qlik® with Mail & Deploy.

LeitArt Gesellschaft für Mittelstandskybernetik mbH: In November, LeitArt has signed one more reseller-partnership with Mail & Deploy. This is a win-win for both of our companies and, most importantly, for our new and existing clients of Mail & Deploy.

And of course, we will not forget our long-lasting partners such as B.i.TEAM, DISTRICON, GPStrategy, HighCoordination, TOMH and VAS Value Added Solutions, who have been with Mail & Deploy from the very beginning.

We would like to thank all our partners for their trust and look forward to the ongoing great cooperation!


Despite the pandemic, we have attended a lot of online-conferences and industry events this year that it is hard to select just a few. Here is a list of some of the biggest:

Qlik® Austrian Data & Analytics Day 2020: Together with Qlik® and other Qlik® partners in Austria, we contributed with Mail & Deploy to the topic of “2020 – Vision for your data” with practical examples and innovative approaches to digital change.

B.i.TEAM Controller-Tag 2020: In August, our Lead Software Developer, Bernd Podhradsky spoke on stage in Karlsruhe at the first virtual B.i.TEAM Controller-Tag to outline how Mail & Deploy’s business and technical approach revolutionizes the reporting out of QlikView® and Qlik Sense®.

Masters Summit for Qlik® 2020 Online Series: As the official sponsor, we are happy to support the Masters Summit for Qlik® and its ongoing live hands-on, online classes. The Summit is an advanced training for Qlik® developers and brings their Qlik® skills to the next level.

Qlik® User Festival @DataLab by INFORM: In December, we were invited to be presented at the Qlik® User Festival. In an online session, it was discussed how automated reports in Qlik® extensions such as NPrinting or Mail & Deploy can ensure transparency in the company.

Marketing Activities

In terms of Marketing, the year 2020 was jam-packed with news. From the relaunch of our new Website to more the +800 followers on LinkedIn, there was plenty to talk and blog about. Here we take a look back at the highlights:

In January, we relaunched our Mail & Deploy-Website in a new modern and appealing look.

In February, we started the ongoing series we are calling “Mail & Deploy #Feature Friday”. These quick and snackable feature bites enable you to surface more of the cool things, Mail & Deploy already has and of course, we are constantly adding. So far we have explored 22 Mail & Deploy features in detail in 3 different languages.

With the launch of our Mail & Deploy Community and Support Portal in May, we reached another important milestone this year. It is the go-to source for product documentation, community discussions and online support and announcements and provides our customers and partners with improved services and access to information.

In June, we continued our efforts and launched our Mail & Deploy Partner Portal. Our Portal has been created as a one-stop destination for partners to provide 24/7 access to materials and information.

The second half of 2020 was all about Mail & Deploy Version 3.0. We prepared presentations, campaigns, demos, videos and marketing resources to be ready for our big reveal in January 2021.

This recap only scratches the surface of the many marketing happenings that graced our Social Media Feeds, newsletters and blog posts in 2020. And there is still more to come!

Use Cases

In addition to our 10 reasons why we are the better alternative for reporting with Qlik® and the benefits we can bring to Qlik® users, we have also demonstrated various other case studies for our feature-rich reporting software:

Stift Admont: At Stift Admont, Mail & Deploy is the missing link. The targeted presentation of individual analyzes in common report formats has improved the data competence across all user groups and thus increased the user acceptance of the Qlik® BI solution.

Moser Holding AG: In order to provide the decision-makers with up-to-date business developments and data even better, Moser Holding AG was looking for a flexible reporting solution like Mail & Deploy.

GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research: The GSI research institute expanded its existing setup with Mail & Deploy to generate and distribute individual reports automatically out of Qlik Sense®. All reports are now available on a weekly basis as PDF and XLS files in the network drive.

JEAN D’ARCEL Cosmetique: With Mail & Deploy, the JEAN D’ARCEL Group is for the first time able to provide report recipients with the figures that correspond to their information needs. Automatic and up to date – Mail & Deploy enables them to answer around 90 per cent of inquiries very quickly.

Technology Update

We started 2020 with a bang by announcing the most important version of Mail & Deploy ever: Mail & Deploy Version 3.0. We called it “Mail & Deploy – the Qlik® reporting platform for Everyone” to symbolize our shift away from the old architecture and user interface to a completely revised web-architecture, a new easy-use approach and advanced features that especially support the Self-Service-BI trend.

We also shared our Mail & Deploy 3.0 roadmap, and we are proud to see many of the items there will be shipped with the official release in 2021 (coming soon!).

The first and second quarter of the year saw us continue to build and improve Version 2.1. And we have reached several milestones with our current Version as the year has progressed. These include:

Microsoft Office® Charts in a Powerpoint® Report: Add a Microsoft Office® chart to your Powerpoint® reports to visualize your data and make informed decisions.

Alerting in Mail & Deploy: With Mail & Deploy’s extensive alert feature, you can build perfect workflows for your Qlik® analyses. If the threshold values of various key figures are exceeded or undershot, the responsible decision-makers will automatically receive an email with a report, corresponding information, a link to the app and/or the request to take action – for even more overview, transparency and control!

Easy Tables in Microsoft Word® reports: Write into existing Word Tables and perfectly adjust them, so you get great looking reports!

Modular template-based reports: This feature enables you to include different sections in your reports for different report recipients. This feature makes it easier to customize your reports and get exactly the data your decision-makers need in their reports!

FTP-Support: This is a basic feature of Mail & Deploy and answers the desire of Qlik® users to deliver reports to two separate destinations, like an FTP server and a folder destination.

Share reports via Microsoft® SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams: This will bring your communications about Qlik® data and insights to the next level. Share exploitable pieces of information in engaging reports via Microsoft® SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams and ensure that the whole team can follow the overall business progress.

During the summer season, we took a moment to explain to our partners why we built the new version 3.0 and what problems it will solve for Qlik® users that are not being solved already.

This fall was all about Version 3.0, and we released the official Technical Preview version in October to great fanfare. The reception blew us away and we are so thankful for the warm welcome from the Mail & Deploy partner community.

Finally, to round out what was a huge year for us, we released the Technical Preview 2 in December which included some more highlights like the Qlik® Saas Support, the new Self-Service Extension, the Azure AD Integration, enhanced Pivot Tables options and the Qlik® Visualization Bundle Support.


As you can see, it has been a very successful year for Mail & Deploy and we look ahead to 2021 with great excitement.

In the upcoming weeks, we will share a few thoughts about what we will be focusing on in 2021, and of course, a key theme is the release of Mail & Deploy Version 3.0, everyone is waiting on.

We think Mail & Deploy has the chance to be the Qlik® reporting platform enterprises build on across all of their departments. The only way we can do this though is if we continue to go beyond software components and build opinionated features and curated solutions to common reporting challenges.

Stay tuned for another great year of updates and improvements to everything Mail & Deploy and thanks for your trust and your support, it means the world to us!

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